We need much more for the Victory

Since December 25, national and foreign media have been discussing the results of an opinion poll conducted by YouGov in Germany. The results show that only 33% of the respondents support the delivery of Leopard 2 MBTs from Germany to Ukraine, 45% are against, and 22% “have not decided”.

In September, 52% of Germans supported this. What has changed? First of all, the questions are asked differently. In the September poll, people also had the option to answer “rather yes”, while in the latest poll it is more black and white. 

In addition, Germans are seeing rising energy prices and an increase in the cost of living. And this is despite the fact that inflation is much lower than in most European countries that have less economic power. Many are in a hurry to blame it on the war and want the German government to push Ukraine to negotiate with the aggressor. And this is evidence that Russian propaganda has been working effectively in recent months. The longer the war lasts, the more sympathy for Ukrainians disappears and the more German-centric German society becomes. 

Therefore, the main thing now is to constantly counter russian propaganda with facts and truth. Europeans should understand that they are living less comfortable because of russia, not because of Ukraine; we must show that Ukraine is now fighting not only for its own freedom, but also for the democratic and civilizational values of the whole Europe.

We are definitely being helped, but only with defense. We need much more for the Victory.