International Association For The Future Of Ukraine

We are a team of professionals motivated for success, which is a generator of post-war reconstruction and development of the Ukrainian state

About Us

Is a non-governmental organization meant to be a generator of post-war reconstruction and new comprehensive development for the Ukrainian state.

Our Mission

Broad-spectrum, comprehensive cooperation for introducing innovation, knowledge, and technology from around the world in Ukraine to ensure its rapid recovery and future development.

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Values and principles that guide us

Honesty and trust

our words are never at odds with our actions; we adhere to all agreements with colleagues, partners and customers, even if it causes us inconvenience.


we treat colleagues, partners and customers with honesty and directness, we build relationships based on mutual trust, working together for a single result.


through collective action and innovation, we make an impact commensurate with the scale of the challenges we face.


we act with confidence, we work on changes where they are needed, we introduce innovative and advanced global technologies and knowledge, inspiring society to improve living conditions.


We embody the principles we encourage others to live by. We act according to the principles of integrity, responsibility and transparency. In our work, we are guided by an understanding of local communities, international partners and the Ukrainian government, which helps us to learn and develop.

International Association For The Future Of Ukraine

From the first days of the war, we have been cooperating with Ukrainian military, state and civil security organizations, funding and acquiring professional round-the-clock, all-weather reconnaissance, perimeter protection and communications  equipment for individual units. We have also been active in installing and maintaining these systems in hazardous areas close to the front lines. In the second month of the war, it was decided to expand the list of projects to other sectors where we can assist cooperation.