Our team was filled with positive anticipation for visiting the Conference for the Recon-struction of Ukraine in Lugano, Switzerland.

Our team was filled with positive anticipation for visiting the Conference for the Reconstruction of Ukraine in Lugano, Switzerland. We believed that we would be able to find constructive solutions to a wide range of issues that have been troubling us since the morning of February 24th, 2022. All this time we have been doing our best to help defeat the terrible aggression from the Russian Federation (at our own expense and using all our knowledge and experience).

But the problem is that economic capacities are extremely exhausted and all Ukrainians (average citizens, businessmen, representatives of civil society) need targeted help with innovative and high-tech equipment for the reconstruction/restoration of our Motherland.

We fully understand that this is a difficult and long process. And the main focus is, first of all, the Ukrainians themselves, who will be able to implement it – but external help will be needed. Thus, the first question is: who will control international aid – not necessarily in terms of management, but as executors of various business processes? World practice shows that sustainable economic development takes place precisely on the foundation of accumulating personified human capital, which happens in a special segment of the education system.

The second question is, why did representatives of the Ukrainian government and our international colleagues discuss recovery processes separately from representatives of the academic and business communities, civil society?

Many other questions can be raised – that have already been raised by various experts in diverse publications – but every day, we lose time that should be used not for communication, but for specific, targeted aid projects. After Lugano, our team is even more actively and diligently involved in helping communities in the Kyiv region; we look forward to what the future will bring.

Our team is open to cooperation.

We are stronger together!