Is a one hundred and ten days a lot?

Is a one hundred and ten days a lot?

110 days for a child – 110 days of happiness.

110 days of war – 2640 hours, 158 400 minutes of chaos and bloody genocide against Ukrainians.

The 158 400 minutes, which since February 24th have become the worst moments of our lives – in bomb shelters, under shelling, in occupation… Waiting to hear about the fate of relatives, neighbors and people that used to be almost strangers – people who, five minutes ago, gave up their places in a small basement called the “bomb shelter”. You don’t know whether you would see them again or not – you don’t even know what would happen in a minute.

A 110 days of constant forced relocation both within the country and abroad, of destruction of our country’s economy, of death for a large number of citizens. In these stressful conditions, one may lose grasp of time; at the same time understand what is happening, but not have the psychological ability to fight their emotions and help their loved ones.

And also – 110 days is the beginning of summer, the end of secondary and higher education; many young Ukrainians are trying to acquire the necessary knowledge that would allow them to feel their social significance, their ability to provide support and assistance, and to learn to care for others.

Over these 110 days, a new young generation of Ukrainians is being formed and rises in the spirit of devotion to the Motherland