Happy Independence Day, Ukraine!

While the Chairman of our Association defends the border of Ukraine and at his own ex-pense provides various technical and highly professional assistance to the state’s secu-rity agencies, we act on the international arena for Ukraine’s victory over the terrorist state. ##russiaisaterroriststate
Today, on the Independence Day of our country, demonstrations in support of the statehood and territorial integrity of Ukraine took place all over the world. We remind the international community about Russia’s war against Ukraine; we will not allow the world to forget and turn a blind eye to the atrocities and crimes of the aggressor – in the center of Europe, in the 21st century.
One of such demonstrations was the Ukraine Freedom Parade in Berlin coordinated by the volunteer organization Vitsche Berlin Vitsche Berlin, which since February 24th has been constantly reminding the German public with loud voices and concrete actions that Russia, contra-ry to the norms of international law, attacked Ukraine, an independent European country.
A request TO ALL WHO CARE: join in on defense projects to preserve the territorial in-tegrity, well-being and freedom of Ukraine and its citizens, as well as to provide a wor-thy rebuff to Russia’s military aggression.
So far, all projects of the Association are implemented at our own expense.
But even just a dollar from each of us together would make a great contribution to Victo-ry.
A report on all expenses will be made public immediately.
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We work for the future of Ukraine!