Since February 24, 2022, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians have been forced to leave their homes and move to safer regions of our country. The vast majority of them are women and children from communities in the South and East of Ukraine, who had to register, including through electronic services, in a new place to receive assistance. This became a problem for a lot of them due to the lack of a certain level of digital skills. 

More than 150 thousand internally displaced persons have found refuge in Lviv and the region. Therefore, it is quite logical that the issue of digital accessibility of multi-vector digital e-services for

became a key topic at a panel discussion on August 16, organized by the NGO “Feminist Workshop” together with our association as part of the annual Urban Workshop 2023 project in Lviv.

The Chairman of the Board of our association, Kostiantyn Nizheiko, spoke about the importance of digital solutions for the reconstruction of Ukraine and the need for government agencies to take into account the existing level of digital skills of various target groups. Board member Oleksandr Dyakovsky used specific examples to describe the digital danger to civilians during the war and the impact of improving digital skills on the quality of life. 

There are already plans for further cooperation to improve the accessibility and quality of e-services for all those who need them.

Working together for Ukraine’s Victory!