Rebuilding national competitiveness after the defeat of Russian troops involves not only the reconstruction of damaged property and infrastructure, but also the psychological recovery of Ukrainian society. We need  reconstruction in all regions of Ukraine, but most of all, we need a mentally healthy society, each member of which is able to engage in professional activities and systematically contribute to the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine.

The All-Ukrainian Mental Health Program, initiated by First Lady Olena Zelenska, is being implemented in our country. Considering that millions of Ukrainians which are affected by Russian aggression need psychological assistance, these issues need to be constantly discussed – at different platforms and in different audiences. And we, as representatives of civil society, also became involved into the discussion of urgent issues related to the return to peaceful life of people who have suffered psychological trauma as witnesses, victims or direct participants in the warfare.

At the seminar, which we joined at the invitation of the NGO “You Are Your Own Country”, an attempt was made to discuss the issues related to the return of our citizens to normal life, to life without a war. The emotions of the audience are only partially captured by the photos in the gallery. Thank you for this Stella Zakharova, Ksenia Vosznitsyna and, of course, Ganna Duginets.

Many questions were not answered, so the organizers plan to hold a number of events in the near future.

Join us as we work together for the future of Ukraine!