Much has been written about the majesty of Kyiv and its historical heritage – textbooks and monographs, atlases and guides.

But on this day I would like to remember the average city dwellers who form the soul of the city, shape its aura, and enrich it in every generation throughout the centuries.

Many people have met their birthdays during wartime since Kyiv woke up from explosions on February 24th. Ukraine was attacked from the East, from the sea, from Crimea, and from Belarus in the north. Tanks moved to Kharkiv, and most Ukrainian cities came under fire. And, of course, Kyiv was shelled.

In the first days of the war, almost 2/3 of the population (mostly women and children) left the city. Under daily missile strikes, sounds of air raid sirens, and covered in smog from the fires on the city’s outskirts, those who remained defended their home. They protected those who remained, caught saboteurs and rebuilt buildings and critical infrastructure of the city damaged by russists.

Kievans are very creative and brave people! Examples of how ordinary citizens on the outskirts of Kyiv fought against Russian aggression impress the world not only with their unpredictability, but also with fundamentally new approaches to the process of nationwide resistance.

The creativity of Kyiv’s residents has been forming over centuries, often in synergy with other cultures that have come to the city from all over the world during its almost 16-century history. And now, in the 21st century, once again the whole world is helping to rebuild the capital as the war goes on.

There is a lot of work to do – and despite the desire to work quickly and effectively to restore the critical infrastructure of the city and its suburbs, we lack professional equipment. Therefore, on Kyiv’s birthday, we ask you to help with its purchase.

The procurement report will be published immediately as soon as we gather the needed funds.



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We work for the Future of Ukraine!