Today, Ukraine celebrates the Teacher’s Day.

On the 221st day of the fight against the #RussiaTerroristState, it can be said that this is truly a national holiday. Before February 24th, we congratulated our educators in educational institutions. But now, during the war, each of us became a teacher, who shared their own experience, information, and personal competences with loved ones, neighbors or just with random people – about how to save oneself, how to protect loved ones, or how to find the strength to continue doing what one does best for the future of our Ukraine.
The ability not to panic or fall into despair, to provide support and advice to oneself and others, and to choose life and fight for it in any situation – these are the skills that ordinary Ukrainians share with each other now and that allow the civil society to unite even more.
Right now, Ukraine, demonstrating its strength and unity, is teaching the whole world how to resist and defend its people, its territory, and its interests for the sake of the future peaceful existence of the Ukrainian nation and the entire European community.
Congratulations to all of us!