The war in Ukraine is not only a new stage in the centuries-old Russian-Ukrainian conflict

The war in Ukraine is not only a new stage in the centuries-old Russian-Ukrainian conflict, but also the beginning of a civilizational breakdown around the world.  Under these conditions, countries that have effective technology transfer and assistance programs for military, humanitarian, and development purposes – as well as international organisations such as the EU, IMF, the World Bank, UNHRC, and UNICEF that can pool resources from different countries – are able to  effectively contribute to the reconstruction of Ukraine.

Priority should be given to technical assistance in the form of innovative measures to support national reconstruction.  The Ukrainian government has the ideas and political tools to deal with the immediate consequences of the war; however, we may lack both the economic capacity to fully use these tools and the appropriate strategies to responsibly and accountably meet a variety of needs, especially in the long term.

The conceptual basis for post-war reconstruction of Ukraine should thus be the development of knowledge, technologies, and innovations that have already been transferred or will be transferred to us in the framework of international technical assistance to resist Russian aggression.  This will build the foundation of a new innovative business model for the high-tech industry that would involve all interested parties.

Our highly qualified team is open to suggestions and is ready to join the active cooperation for the rapid recovery and development of Ukraine.