Spring…..anti-personnel fragmentation mines

Spring. Farmers across Ukraine are preparing to work in the fields. However, more than 30% of Ukrainian land is mined, which poses a significant danger to sowing workers, ordinary citizens, and the restoration of normal life in these areas.

The greatest danger is posed by anti-personnel fragmentation mines, the use of which is prohibited by the 1999 Ottawa Convention. The size of the mines varies considerably: there are both large and small ones; for example, the OZM-72 looks like a liter can. It has 2,400 fragments inside and a radius of damage of 50 meters, which means it leaves no chance of survival…

In order to minimize the danger, we need to find all these mines and deactivate them as soon as possible –and the innovative technological solutions developed by our specialists will help in this process.

Rapid demining of the regions, restoration of critical infrastructure, transportation and ecosystems requires consolidation of our joint efforts.

We are working for the future of Ukraine!