Happy Dignity and Freedom Day!🇺🇦

On November 21, 2013, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine decided to suspend preparations for the signing of the Association Agreement with the European Union – despite the government’s large-scale information campaign in support of it. (As witnesses of those events, we cannot say that the campaign was either high-quality or truthful.)

The general message of that time was how good it would be to live in Ukraine after implementing the Association Agreement with the EU. But President Yanukovych did not deliver on his promises; “he who does not keep his word despises himself.” This could be an example of misconduct and impunity for many “citizens” – but the events that followed would shape our history for decades to come.

Ukraine’s people have always been aware of honor and dignity. Ukrainians have always worked conscientiously. This trait of the Ukrainian people, who have been sacrificing their lives on the altar of freedom for nine years, is perhaps the most important principle of national security, the fundamental “brick” that forms a new generation of free Ukrainians. Our team understands that the fate of our Motherland is in our hands, and each of us must do everything possible for its development and prosperity. Join our projects – even 100 UAH from each of you will greatly contribute to the Victory.