About us

International Association For The Future Of Ukraine

Is a non-governmental organization meant to be a generator of post-war reconstruction and new comprehensive development for the Ukrainian state.

Our Mission

Broad-spectrum, comprehensive cooperation for introducing innovation, knowledge, and technology from around the world in Ukraine to ensure its rapid recovery and future development.


Coordination of local, regional, national and international programs aimed at the restoration and reconstruction of Ukraine

Development and expansion of engineering networks and systems for the restoration of infrastructure facilities (communications, electricity, lighting etc.);

Development of autonomous and energy-saving systems, also based on renewable energy sources;

Providing assistance and consulting to the national security sector in developing and implementing professional, modern systems in intelligence, armament stabilization and provision, security of territory and other software and hardware complexes through cooperation with international organizations and government agencies;

Research and development of military and dual-use systems, including cybersecurity in it infrastructure;

Organization of business events, informational and educational activities on the statutory activities of the organization;

Promoting cooperation with various ukrainian and foreign organizations, universities and other research institutions to achieve the main goal of the organization;

Development of a network of specialists and carrying out training activities in various areas of public interaction;

Developing and publishing printed, video, and audio materials;

Research activity aimed at harmonizing ukraine’s personal data protection legislation with its international counterpart

Our Partners

Our Team

Chairman of the Board, M.Eng in IT, MBA.

Kostiantyn NIZHEIKO

Took part in the Battle for Kyiv, using his own technological solutions for gaining a tactical advantage and providing security & surveillance in areas of active combat. Kostiantyn has almost 20 years of experience in the implementation of IT infrastructure and software solutions in the agricultural sector, construction, education and culture, healthcare, logistics, and defense – in local, state and international contexts. He is an expert in technical recovery and strategic development in the field of public-private partnerships.

Deputy Chairperson, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor.


Ganna has over 20 years of experience in implementing joint initiatives of academic and civil communities in Ukraine and EU member states.

Deputy Chairperson for International Affairs.


International Master in Public Procurement, PhD in Economics, Associated Professor.

Candidate of legal sciences in the field of personal data protection


Lawyer with considerable experience in solving legal issues with foreign involvement. Expert in corporate law.

Deputy Chairman of the Board.

Volodymyr GRISHIN

Head of the network of volunteer medical centers “Osokorky Medicine SOS”. Editor of the journal “Clinical and Preventive Medicine” of the State Institution of Science «Research and Practical Center of Preventive and Clinical Medicine» State Administrative Department. Deputy Head of the Shield of Ukraine Foundation. Head of the Supervisory Board of the NGO “Doctors of Goodwill”.